Our Team

Annum Sadiq
Co-founder and Chief Education Officer

Annum leads the education delivery at EDKASA. She provides support on content design and delivery for the online platform. She has a BS in social sciences from LUMS and an MS in public policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Fahad Tanveer
Co-founder and CEO

Fahad is the day-to-day captain of the ship. He has extensive experience working in the corporate sector in Pakistan and has worked as a manager at ICI, Telenor, and Nestle. He has a BS and an MBA from LUMS and a Masters in finance and financial management from Harvard University.

Muneeb Ali
Chief Technology Officer

Muneeb leads the technical development for EDKASA. He is the CEO and co-founder of OneByte LLC which specialises in iOS, Android and Web development. Muneeb has a BS in computer sciences (Gold Medallist) from GIK Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Sohail Ali
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Sohail leads the strategy formulation and execution for EDKASA. He has engineering degrees from Georgia Tech and MIT. Sohail loves to play squash and is always up for a game!