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Mudassir E.


Mudassir has a BS(Hons) in Math from the University of Education, Lahore. He is our in-house math geek. He loves solving tough problems.

Sahrish G.


Sehrish has an MA in English from the University of Punjab. She is the English Queen at EDKASA. She likes to do photography and painting in her free time.

Vaneeza A.


Vaneeza has a BS(Hons) in Physics from Lahore College of Women. She is a Physics guru. Her YouTube videos have been viewed by millions. In her free time, Vaneeza likes to do arts and crafts.

Sehrish R.


Sehrish has a BS and MPhil in Biochemistry from the University of Sargodha. She is our resident Chemistry and Biology expert. Fun Fact: She has taught Chemistry in Thailand!

....I am not afraid of any difficulty. I know there is an EDKASA video for every concept "

FSc Pre-Engineering Student

....I was able to understand multiple concepts within an hour which previously took me a day or too "

FC College

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