Edkasa’s Connected Classrooms tackles the barrier of accessibility by providing an avenue for obtaining a quality education to schools operating in socio-economically challenged areas. We offer live online classes taught by experienced and trained teachers for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths, aimed at preparing students for their Board Examinations. By charging schools a minimal monthly subscription fee, we not only provide them access to our live, online lectures but also the basic technology required such as smart projectors, tripods, speakers, and 4g hotspots to join the network. Classes are taught on a regular schedule with real-time student engagement followed by assessments to track progress.

At present we have 34 connected classrooms across Pakistan and our network is rapidly growing.

Connected Classrooms offers three distinct advantages:
Ease of Use

By using every day social technology that the students and facilitators are already used to, Connected Classrooms offers an easy transition to online learning. Daily classes are broadcasted on Facebook Live with questions, homework and quiz answer shared daily by students. For those needing some extra support, we also provide hands-on training to facilitators along with a dedicated contact person to smooth any technological challenges that a center may be facing.


Schools in remote, rural locations are either unable to find qualified teacher or unable to afford them. Thus when it comes to STEM subjects, the students at these schools are extremely disadvantaged. Connected Classrooms offer a solution by providing high quality teachers at one third of the market price, making it feasible for schools as well as beneficial for students to learn from the best.

Improving Learning Outcomes

Edkasa’s Connected Classrooms are aimed at providing students with educational support needed to improve their learning outcomes. As we begin our collaboration with any school, we start by conducting baseline tests to assess student ability. By tailoring our teaching level according to student requirements and conducting regular tests and exams to track progress, Edkasa enables students to learn and perform better.