About Us

Edkasa, Pakistan’s fastest-growing ed-tech platform, is a dream coming to fruition. Not long ago, two curious Pakistanis searched and found answers that would help the country’s education system. The solution was there, staring quietly at them, but it needed enthusiastic perseverance. The guard could not go down. The duo, drawn into an alliance already, now committed to an even greater partnership that would combine their passion to help Pakistan’s future. As their converged paths continued, companions followed.

This zest and dedication gave birth to Edkasa that now strives each day to solve arguably Pakistan’s biggest problem – access to quality education. As individuals, the goal is to help young minds find answers. As a company, the vision is bring the enthusiasm together.

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OuR Team

Fahad Tanveer

Chief Executive Officer

Annum Sadiq

Chief Education Officer

Muneeb Ali

Chief Technical Officer

Muhammad Ayaan

Marketing Specialist

Wasim Haider

Sr. UI/UX Designer

Ameer Hamza

Sr. Android Engineer

Innayat Ullah

Sr. Backend Engineer

Humayun Shafiq

Program Lead

Adnan Shaukat

Program Lead

Ali Zaheer

Financial Comptroller

Imran Abbas

Senior Video Editor

OuR Teachers

Mudassir Ejaz

F.Sc. Maths

Sana Munir

F.Sc. Biology

Chand Arslan

Matric Maths

Shrish Gul

F.Sc. English

Nooria Abbas

Matric Physics

Hammad Zafar

F.Sc. Physics

Sehrish Robin

F.Sc. Chemistry

Syeda Shahnaz

Matric Biology

Our Investers & Supporters

We're thankful to our valued partners/investors, who've supported us and have stood behind the idea of an educated Pakistan from the start!