top 3 ways to prepare for your matric and Inter board exams

June 28th, 2021

With the recent developments it appears that BISE has at last decided to finalize the dates for Matric board and Intermediate board exams 2021. Students around the country have been in much anxiety due to constant changes in the date sheet and syllabus over the course of the past 3 months, however it appears that things have finally been sorted out between the education ministry and authorities now that mass vaccination programs have been initiated. Now that the exam season is almost around the corner its important to have the discussion that’s the talk of the town each year around this time. The most popular search during these months by matric student and intermediate students is about the ‘best way to prepare for matric and intermediate board exams’. We here at Edkasa are all about facilitating the learning and exam prep experience for matric and intermediate students, so after much research and feedback we created a list of the top 3 ways to prepare for the board exams 2021

1. Learning and preparing in short bursts throughout the day !

One of the most popular ways of learning in Pakistan is cramming the course continuously for hours in order to be more time efficient and getting things done for the sake of it. This method is a big NO ! While it may appear that you have achieved alot in a short time span it is a horrible practice that lowers the level of comprehension and retention over time. The brain is not designed to handle massive loads of information and to be able to reproduce it later. Often this information is only retained for a couple of hours after which you might feel there are gaps in your memory. Instead you should try something new for the board exams 2021. Adopt a pattern where you prioritise quality over quantity. Space out your study schedule over the day with appropriate pauses in between which will minimize the chance of being overworked. An example of this is engaging in 40 minutes of intense studying and then taking 20 minutes completely off in which you rest (avoid reaching for your smartphone during this). If you’re in your practice session, solve one past paper only and then take an appropriate time off.

2. Teach someone else (The Feynman Technique)

This method may seem counter productive but you would be surprised how many toppers use it. Next time you feel confused regarding a concept, take some time and go through its basic ideas first and explain them to someone (or yourself) as if you are a teacher explaining something to your student. As soon as you feel there maybe some confusion or gaps in what you’re “teaching”, take another break and go over the concept in an attempt to fill those gaps. Once you feel you’ve made some progress, resume your teaching practice and repeat this cycle until you’re convinced you’ve nailed the concept down. This method is even more effective if you’re studying with a friend as they may be able to help you fill in those gaps at a faster pace. If you’re more interested in getting hands on experience with this practice, there’s an abundance of past papers (maths, english, biology and other subjects) online that you can solve with a friend.


3. Make Edkasa your learning partner

We know that matric and Intermediate is far from a walk in the park. Studying, making notes, trying to remember the lectures and testing yourself is a tedious process that many feel overwhelmed with, especially as the exams draw near. For this reason, at Edkasa we decided to come together and develop something that makes the process far easier ! The Edkasa app will allow you to select any board under BISE and has a wide range of subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc) you can select from depending on the qualification you have selected (FSc, ICom, FA and ICS). The app hosts lectures from the best matric and intermediate teachers across Pakistan and quiz sessions that will have you prepared in no time. You can also compare your scores with thousands of students using the app for prep to see how you rank against the competition. Download the app here.

Keep in mind that BISE has appointed the same syllabus for each and every student in the exam, what will set you apart is how efficient and effective your preparation methods will be. We wish you all the best for the board examinations 2021.

June 28th, 2021